Welcome to the Association of Law in the Service of the Elderly website.

LSE is an Israeli NGO whose goal and purpose is to promote the rights of the elderly population in Israel via advocacy and legal activites.

LSE's goals are:

  • to promote the rights of the elderly in Israel
  • to educate and advocate on behalf of the elderly population
  • to establish a legal resource center in Israel on elder's rights
  • to publish popular and professional legal materials in the field of elder's rights
  • to cooperate with national and international organizations with similar goals


Some Examples of Laws Pertaining to the Elderly Population

The Law of Sick Leave (1993) allows workers six fully paid days of absence from work due to sickness of an older parent.

The Law of Senior Citizens (1989) grants the older population in Israel a wide range of discounts and financial bonuses in a number of domains.

The Law of Patients' Rights (1996) prohibits the administration of medical treatment to an older sick person without explicit informed consent regarding the risks and benefits of the treatment as well as the options for alternative treatment.

The Law of Equal Work Opportunities (1988) forbids discrimination against workers on the basis of age within a wide range of employment areas, including hiring practices, wages, and promotions.


?Why was the Association established

The population in Israel is aging as the result of declining birth rates and increasing longevity. The group of the elderly above the age of 75 is now growing at a higher rate than any other age group in Israel, and it is projected that within a few years one of every seven Israelis will be above the age of 65.

Despite the existence of different organizations representing the interests of the older population in Israel, such as the Pensioner’s Federation (Histadrut) and various local associations for the elderly, there is no non-governmental nationwide organization whose focus is on promoting the rights and status of older persons in Israel by using legal resources to provide information and advice or to fight legal battles through legislative action and judicial precedents. In order to fill this socio-legal gap in Israel, the Association of Law in the Service of the Elderly was established.


The Association’s activities include, among others, the following areas:

  • Preventing maltreatment and victimization of the older population by raising their awareness and providing them with information on their rights.
  • Protecting the rights of older persons residing in old aged homes and nursing hospitals through education and legal representation.
  • Increasing awareness of the elderly's rights to receive available professional services from doctors, social workers, lawyers, nurses, and therapists.
  • Publishing popular information for the older population on their legal rights.
  • Establishing an internet site to disseminate information on the law and regulations in Israel pertaining to the older population.
  • Providing legal advice for the elderly and their families through the internet.
  • Serving petitions to the courts on legal issues and principles referring to the rights of the elderly in Israel.
  • Participating in legislative activities in the Knesset on the reform or amendment of Israeli legislation pertaining to the rights of older persons.


Aims of the Association

  • To promote the rights and status of older persons in Israel.
  • To educate and disseminate information on the rights of the elderly in Israel.
  • To provide advice and legal representation for the elderly in Israel through qualified lawyers.
  • To initiate and reform Israeli legislation concerning the rights of older people.
  • To establish a computerized database referring to ageing and the law.
  • To cooperate with national and international organizations and institutions that have an impact on the rights of older persons in Israel and worldwide.

"Do not cast me away when I am old, do not forsake me when my strength is gone" 

(Psalms 71.9).


?How to Contact Us

If you would like to receive more information please write to:

Law in the Service of the Elderly

P.O. Box 843

Haifa, 31000